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Tea time church from late July 2017....

Fun was had on the beach and fishy activities. We made flat bread fish with cream cheese, vegetable scales and berry eyes.... delicious! Card fish with lovely jewelled patterns, some colouring, fishing in the pond, a bit of carpentry with sanding roundels of wood and putting our Ichthus symbol on. Steve told us the story of Jesus and his friends having a fish breakfast on the beach, or as we would like it to be known 'Jesus and the barbecue' and then we had a brilliant song about superheroes!













Wark First School pupils regularly visit St Michael's. Here are photos of these wonderful events...

A display of old photographs and memorabilia at St Michael's


Hearing about the history of Wark


Enjoying old photographs and memorabilia


Wark School's service for Easter


Harvest Festival at St Michael's.

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Photograph ref: IMG_5523.JPG


Photographs of the Wark Weddings Event can now be found under the 'Photos' tab, above.

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